What are the benefits of going to a chiropractor?

While the benefits of chiropractic care are many, most people initially see a doctor of chiropractic for pain relief. That is why we focus on getting you feeling better as fast as possible! We treat the source of your problem with hands on chiropractic care and other proven methods that are safe and effective. We also take the time to educate you about your condition and what you can do to improve it.


Pennsylvania Licensed Providers

Dr. Richard Green has been licensed in Pennsylvania since 1986. The massage therapists are certified and licensed as well. Only the best hands will treat you at East York Chiropractic Center!


Care That Focuses on the Spine

Spinal injuries no matter how minor they seem, are always a BIG deal. Let the professionals assess and guide you back to the physical harmony you once had. If Dr. Green determines that he can not treat you he will make the appropriate recommendations for your care. You will get the answers for your care!

Treat Neurological Disorders


With years of invaluable experience we bring the best practices to the forefront of our practice helping clients with anything from small discomfort to major neurological disorders such as migranes, neuralgia and much more.

East York Chiropractic Center is York Counties premier Ideal Protein Authorized Center.

With over 5 years experience and 100's of dieters, let us help you reach your goal too!

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